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It's midnight
And I'm waiting, I'm craving for something I haven't
(missed right)
I'm seeping all your love, for my own
You're a savage
A real beast when it come to my feelings
Like magic, you light me up, set me on fire baby

Conjure up all of the things that you want
I will serve your body until it gives me what I crave, baby

Miss those, L-I-Ps
That perfect touch, chemistry that I long to please
Miss those, L-I-Ps
You're taking all my love, all my love
Cause if you got that venom bite, that out of sight
I want all and more tonight, come do me right
Those L-I-Ps, L-I-Ps, those L-I-Ps, L-I-Ps

Don't you lead the way, no
Cause I don't know how much more I can take
You talking all this love and it's something I'm falling for
And it's perfect baby, you talked me all up into a trance
Cause I don't wanna waste no more damn time
Cast your spell on me and leave me out tonight

Now don't stop lovin' me
Don't stop touchin' me
You give me thrills, [?] and chills
So put your lips on this love
Speak the truth baby