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You never wanna leave me be
You never wanna run away from me, no
Cause this love's got so much
More to give to you, so

Until the night turns the lights down
You might be scared, cause I'm that mothafuckin'
And the dreams begin to
But if it goes bom bom in the dark, I'll turn into a lover

I'm about to rip you down, turn you out
F*** your mind,
You ain't gonna have no doubts, what I'm about
Catching her out, you know

I'm a monsta
(I'm a playa what you gonna do) (x3)
I'm a monsta
(I'm a playa what you gonna do) (x2)
(What you want girl I'll make you)

Never want to leave me baby
It's a red light special get into it, don't mind the
Noise, a little rampage for your love
To show you you're the one, you know you've got to dig it, baby

If you're terrified of the feeling
And your body can't stop shaking
I'm the monster that gets your body
And puts the math into the equation


M (uh), O (yeah)
N (yeah), S, (turn up)
T, (turn up, A, (turn up woo!)