Nico & Vinz

The Unknown Glow

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Just like the poem tells the marked destiny
Find the heartbeat hanging faraway
Future lines up in front grows immaturely
The goal is the liberation of a mind. Guilt chase
It goes as it wishes, hiding the abnormity
Will you smile? Will you notice?
The painful lifeless shell after the exhaustion
It's you who gets hurt
And the questions have tossed in
You have no words worth to answer

Circulating water stopped by the damage
Your understanding is stuffed and goes wrong
You talk your past in vain
The forgotten current, is it still free?

The difference of reflection
Exists in a line between
The manipulated ones and the thinkers
Returning is equal to a total denying
You find happiness at the dark bottom
Believe in the false power
Flirt with the smell
The voices won't reach
It always become the scream of the defeated ones
Beloved place we go hand in hand
Has the same color
Force ourselves to overcome
Those problems that make no sense
Many things for me to grasp
But for you they make no sense
Being chased around by
My own sense of values
And it shuts down my paths
You just have to set it free
Not to restrict
Beliefs and individual ideals
Ends by telling
And tommorow also ends

Repeat the tiny happiness
Pass by the everyday life
Charmed by the temporary change
Accompanied the established trust
Lies are inevitable
Need those words that went away
And the tiny voice floats in times
And echoes forever
The road never disappears
And the spreading smoke wraps
The colorless times
You just have to receive
My meaningless words
Are the questions to myself
Everything is here
It disappears in a moment

You just have to let the voice delivered
This sound, and the proof of heart
I go save the hanging thoughts. In hurry
These feet go where they should go to
Carry the wishes to the quiet place
Where the pieces sleep

At a quick pace I'm going to the place
Where many of them glow
Ceasing stands for the beautiful
Setback and segmentation
Overcome the black plots
With the white gentleness
Many stares betrayed the time

I carry my exhausted body
Bring the unknown glow into a life
Start up the thoughts
To the future. Ahead of us
The stretch of a light we saw is
The scar of hundreds of answers
Paint. Paint the weakness of
The ones who creep along