Adrian Rodriguez

Fruit of Paradise

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Right behind your eyes
I see everything I’ll never have
Fruit of paradise
Bitten by a thousand kinds of men

Silly bitch, you come and take it all
No need you to pretend
I don’t mean you have to fall in love
But the day you say walk away

Girl you really gotta know
‘Bout the feelings I don’t show
I’ve been crying in the rain
Wish I was your man
Wherever I go I dream of you

I don’t really wanna go
As I’m blinded by your love
But it’s time for me to say
This is not a game
My heart is so tired of feeling blue

Wonder if you care
About anyone apart from you
I am not your friend
Even If you call when you want to

I can’t find a way to make you mine
I tell myself to let go
Baby you can waste a whole dammed life
But the day you open the door


You need to know by now
Your beauty will fade away so fast
Your moments of glory
Will seem like seconds in time (Then you will cry)

Forever I will pray
For you to come my way
And every single time I hear your name I’ll wish you well
But life is long enough
For me to fall in love
One more time

Girl you really gotta know my feelings about you
But you make me mad again and again; I’ll run away from you