Act As One

Daniel Was A Player

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don’t lose hope from the start this felt so wrong but I was forced to play along lets set these troubles aside lets pretend once again for just tonight I tried to save myself but you’re the one in need of help lets look at the facts that we know far too long we’ve been losing hope don’t forget about your mistakes I’m only doing this for your sake you’ll give up anything that I can take you always eat up every word I say if I told you that I loved you, you know damn well I did not mean to you’re the last girl on my mind see this is the beginning of our ending to many times we’ve gone to many times we’ve gone through this I won’t put up with your shit it’s easier for me to run away than it is for you to make me stay your dressed to kill if it means ill stay the night again you’ll make believe that everything’s alright when the night’s close brings us back to the start once again you will realize it’s not so hard remember that night that I held you I was disgusted with the way you moved I always hoped for this but not with you every rumor I heard was really true not ever once did I start to care your words to me were only wasted air save your thoughts because it’s too late if you don’t get it let me demonstrate don’t lose hope