Paul Potts

More Than A Dream

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Kirsten Siggaard-Paul Potts

I've waited a lifetime for you to reach me
One look in your eyes; I'm flying
For always and ever; forever I love you
You're mine; be the light of my life

Even that I would give my everything
All of my heart, my soul completely
Would it be enough for what you need?
To me; more than a dream

All in the moments; seasons for living
The day that I've come; the reason
Always remember but hide from you never
Divine like the sun in my sky

You voice the sound of the serenade
And you, in my mind like a flower when it blooms
Once in a lifetime, always true; always with you

I would give my everything
All of my life, my soul, my being
I would bring that Christmas wish to feel
Your love more than a dream
More than a dream, more than a dream

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