Abysmal Torment

Death Bound Conundrum

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Images force-fed to masses countless in number
Having no meaning but innate desolation
Society's cowering remnants forced asunder
cast through eyes veiled with obstruction
Subconscious wars waged in name of fixation
For a worthless quest of self determination
Through erroneous ideas conceived in manipulation
Avowed linear taught ostensive of jaded organization
Pain seeping through every recess of the mind
Burning down like sweat over tattered flesh
As years etch the skin and core causing teeth to grind
And cutting edges quietly wait pristine veins to slash
Uplifting fumes of misery soaring to a void expanse
Obscuring the light killing any trace of flowering hope
As sheer impotence manifests in accepted sufferance
Until the occasional projectile shutters a new frontal lobe
Dilated pupils with only torment to discern
Laden with fury heaving inside copious hate
As dislodged joints of veracity spitefully burn
anonymously acting absurdly until it's too late
Through out this century we've lost the right to live
Amid final solutions triggered by our wretchedness
Impiety the errors of тегкуэы ways existing in this hive
Waiting to he wiped away like a hideous stain to nothingness
shallow understanding exceeds existence
But still falls short of what we admit to
Man knows more than he can handle
But stil far less than pride longs for
The sole truth is there's no truth to peruse
All is corrupted and untimely breaks down
Made logical in ways not seen fit by the animal eye
Nothing has to exist nothing needs to be known
Like smoke blown into crying eyes
Reality runs out of any sense devoid
Life is mist treachery of senses
Gradually replaced by void

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