Musiq Soulchild


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First I love God, then love my mother
Love my babies, sisters and brothers
Love my father cause that's my mom's partner
Love my grandmother and my grouchy ass grandfather
Love my aunties on both sides of the family
Uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews
Mess with my peoples you get stepped to
Love the mother of my children, them girls is special
Love feels good though we stuck in the hood
Love my last album, though the joint went wood
My mans and my enemies, I love them too
Love God he let me see past thirty-two
Plus what he gave Wu
A chance to change music just listen, you and I know the truth
Love is essential, to some it's detrimental
Mostly when you use the next person as a rental

Love, lift us up, (higher) take us higher (high)
Blossom every ghetto flower (oh Love yeah)
Cos Love, only Love has the heat and the power
And we can never live without
Love, Love, Love

Love life, the ground we walk on
My sickness, it made me strong
My loved ones in Heaven
The ones we lost, to heroin
Malcolm, Martin, and what they stood for, them men had it poppin'
Love the sun when rain drops in, cozy nights with my pumpkin
Love my hell and my struggle
You gotta go through Hell to come out right, Love conquers pain and the puzzle
Funny on how Love could end so subtle
Was it just sex and not really Love for the couple?
Love people, Love the fact when there's a baby bein' born
Like "push girl, come on"
I'm not just sayin' that cause BET's on
We is one, one Love, each one, teach one

[Hook to fade]

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