Napalm Death

Demonic Possession

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Exorcised by a high priest
Your body writhes in pain
Possessed by seven demons
Which are conjured away

As he speaks the holy words
Your limbs contract an ache
Unhuman growls escape your throat
You can't expel this plague

The crucifix touches your head
It lacerates the flesh
Your face is horribly deformed
Your skin darkens and smells

Holy Water burns your skin
The torment's in your eyes
Your twisted flesh starts to rot
Though you are still alive

Floating high in the air
Held by demon's hand
Invisible force from below
Enslaving mortal men

Endless wisdom in his words
Predict and reveal
Visionary eyes
To wish nothing conceals

Tormenting creatures of god
Demons bring misery and pain

Paradise they have lost
Sacrifice in heaven's name

Possession of helpless souls
Transgression of their reign

Six demons have left the shell
Forced by holiness
Falling again into hell
Land of evil reign

The mightiest demons will not go
Until your body's dead
To take your soul into the fire
Which burns for evermore