Money Movement

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Birds going mep mep like the road runner
Gas stove four burners cooking for of them
Turn up the heat I got a order for two more of them
Nice to meet you by the way I'm a dope runner
I'm coke cooker microwave more quicker
Chef boy banks the water whipper of the century
Turn the fans on its hotter then hells kitchens
Hurry up I'm almost done I need like two mins
(sss,sss) coat hanger moving like a blender
Over the stove back bending and my wrist cricket
I'm stuck in this postion gotta get it bag it and ship it
Phone ringing non stop I'm on the go with this one
I'm moving keep it moving on the go
I gotta go I got some blow so what you want
Come and get it before its gone I got it all
Cook the raw( blop,blop) wait hold on
My line jumping I know its money so you that I'm gone

[Hook: Banks]x4
Work Moving, Loud moving , whats you niggas out here doing
I'm just grooving tryna do it I'm on a movement

I just talked to my plug bout an hour ago
Told me he got them coming in on that banana boat
I said ok what you tryna get them off for
He told me this my gift from him that's how the game go
Ok here's the deal, call Banks, call Real
Told them got them thangs by the ton its time make a mil
Now I'm working the stove 24hr shifts
They should call me superman got superpowers in my wrist
Drop that ice up in that pot and listen to that work hiss
Water whip beat that bitch domestic violence
Straight drop is the prefect way to describe this
For this butter fins known to get violent
Couple pounds in the trunk from them islands
And its going for the low so come find me
Two Glocks and I call them bitches semis
So if you want it come correct nigga don't try me its work

Work moving, loud moving, what you niggas out here doing
I'm just grooving tryna do it I'm on a money movement

Trafficking the white, running thru the lights
I told folkz to slow down them boys up in sight
He feeling paranoid so I told him buss the right
Got damn fuck them boys then hit the lights
Trafficking the rental money on my mental
Roll up that kush we ain't smoking on no indo
Them feds pull me over tryna get a lil info
And I ain't tell them shit cuz I raised by kinfolkz
I brought a 9 piece then I brought back 6 more
Add up that money till my fingers get real sore
And that can be forever no ticking in my bissle
Like this what money do can you dig it grab a shevel
Money everywhere fuck around and change the weather
Smelling like that loud 10 pounds on my schedule
A thousand fuckin pills a have me jigging like Jell-O
And all I know is money so the movement godfello