The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala

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Just when things are getting
complicated in the eye of the
She flicks a red-hot revelation
off the tip of her tongue
It does a dozen somersaults and
it leaves you supercharged
Makes me wanna blow her
candles out
just to see if you glow in the
dark Shalalala Shalalala
Shalalala Shalalala
Home sweet home, home sweet
home, home sweet booby-trap
I took the batteries out my
mysticism and put 'em in my
thinking cap
She's got a telescopic hallelujah
hanging up on the wall
For when it gets too complicated
in the eye of the storm
Shalalala Shalalala Shalalala
And in a hellcat spangled cavern
When your judgement's on the
And you're acting like a stranger
Cause you thought it looked like
Well did you ever get the feeling
Did you think she set the fall
Her steady hands may well have
done the devil's pedicure
What you waiting for?
To sing another fuckin'
Shalalala Shalalala Shalalala

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