Scenic Route

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Scenic Route

Came in this world and they deem me a menace
I don't understand, I'm being who I am, it's probably the pigment
Unpleasant images form in my head and I know it's a figment
Of my imagination, here's a demonstration; what you will witness

I'm glistening, oh so relentless, I don't need a polish, I ain't even finish
I just be dropping this knowledge, ironic, they love me to deaf when they listen
I'm just an artist who's starving, it's crazy this famine about is ridiculous
I'm smoking this cannabis, lifting this weight from my shoulders, I'm taking some time on my fitness

Epiphanies rise at the end of the night
Kerosene for the candle light
I feel it's only right, when I begin to write
And when I finally feast, you gonna wanna a bite

But your appetite, is indeed for failure
Metabolism was tryna tell you
You outta luck on the inside
Better talk it up with your enzymes

Better buckle up for this ghost ride, praise to the most high
You didn't know that this indigo
Well-balanced the flow, with passion and soul
The seeds that you sew, I'm ready to rogue

Ready to row, stream of dreamland
I'mma be a free lance
F*** a 9 to 5, only free the weekend
Make it out the deep end

Do you wanna go, do you wanna go
Do you wanna go, down this way?
And I wanna know, and I wanna know
And I wanna know if you do are you here to stay? (x2)

Through thick and thin, no juice and gin
I don't drink no more cause if I did, I'd be in the looney bin
But I'm still chiefin, I'm still smokin, I'm still tripping, I quit Rollin
I'm tryna save some seratonin, for when I'm on stage performing

They will never see what I see, livin my life like the shit a blue dream
I got Jay's in my mouth, vans on my feet, but I'm puttin in that work like 7 days a week
They all wanna know how I stay inspired, matchbox hot wheel I play with fire
Put it all on the line, literally and rhyme cause one time or the other we all pay the piper

You know it (you know it)

Burn up and turn up I'm smokin on gas
Hook up the cook up, my homie got hash
Lost it like frost did, come travel my path
My life is beautiful so I just ask

Why do you think what you think, Feel what you feel, do what you do?
Nobody listening givin a fuck, I've had enough of this imminent doom
Give me the room and I just might take it. Hell no, no waitin
Guess I gotta go, go learn some patience Scenic route might save me

Repetition of Chorus