Wu-Tang Clan

Famous Fighters (Skit)

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Hi, Dad, you musn't to forget not that you promised while we are eating you'd tell a story
I'll, I'll tell you something later, something strange happening in the martial arts world
Good, tell me then!
Every year, many famous fighters are gathering, the story is
What are you doing in Shaolin? Who are you? Let's have your leg!

The Wu-Tang clan, now the Wu-tang warriors

Quiet! Do you know where you are? Show more respect
I know that I've come into a tiger's den, but then, I came to catch tigers, right
If you lay a sword on him, I'll kill you
Now realize, if you're itching for a duel to test his strength, right now is the time to fight
Because you fight now, then you'll lose
Who says?
I say it
Just kill him!
No, you can't kill him
That's my job
I want a man dead, then he dies

Autor(es): Ronald Maurice Bean

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