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lady love , go back to sleep ,
dry the tears from your eyes ,
but i cannot stay with thee ,
until the morning ,
for the dawn is breaking ,
and my ship is waiting for me ,
and i must go ,
but i'll be back , yes ,
before this year is over ;
and we sailed across the sea ,
till we found america ,
'round the cape of storms ,
we set our sails for home ,
and when the sea was roaring ,
and the lord i called ,
to help my drowning men ,
i saw the light , yes , the candle in your window ...
and i have brought you silver ,
and i have brought you gold ,
and spices from the indies in the hold ;
i've seen ships on horizon ,
that i'd swear were going down ,
and now i know for certain ,
the world is round ,
i have seen , my eyes have seen .
oh , one day says galileo ,
a man will reach the sky ,
and see the world completely ,
from outside ,
and gazing down from yonder ,
on a world of blue and green ,
he'll say with eyes of wonder ,
i have seen , my eyes have seen ,
my eyes have seen .

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