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Too big to fly, dodo ugly so dodo must die
Doggo with fear on its side can't change, can't change the tide
Dog baiter, agitator, asking questions say he wants to know why
Ain't no reason that money can't buy
Mink, he pretty so mink he must die, must die
Sun he giving life in his light
Part of the system
Friend to man and friend to the trees
No friend to the snowman
Where does he go, what does he do?
Does he meet with the mole, the stream, the cloud
And end up at the bottom of the sea
Fish he got hook in his throat
Fish he got problems
Where does he go, what does he do?
Does he hope he's too small, too poor a haul
And end up being thrown back in the sea
I'm back in the sea
Caretaker, horror movie
Only one eye, only needs one boot
Sweet lady, she knows she looks good
Vacuum coming for the bright and the brute
Big noise, black smoke
So pig headed couldn't see the joke
But it ain't funny
Ask the fly on the wall
It's only living
It don't matter at all, at all
Pimp he make you drool and grunt
He got an answer
One he got a dream of love
Deep as the ocean
Where does he go?
What does he do?
Will the siren team with Davy Jones
And trap him at the bottom of the sea
I'm back in the sea