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Alright, nigga, no more funny games, let's go (oh, fuck)
You, you set the standard for (what, me?) the future generation
Liar, yeah, listen

Slum village with the feeling, get a beat
I bet you I'ma kill it (kill it)
Huh, you ain't ready for the realest high
Suck it right between the ceiling (ceiling, yeah)
Look, my flow is sick as hell (yep)
I had to bail my baby out of jail (what?)
I'm doing me, and I do it well (damn)
You think I'm wack, who are you to tell?
All you hype boys silly (silly)
You a square like Piccadilly (yuh)
I do not care how you feeling (no)
I thought you knew I'm a villain, (really?) yeah
I don't like it when these jokers
Lookin' at me sideways on a highway
'Cause you know, I'm bout to do it my way
'Til the MSFTS blow, Pompeii
Jay driving it the wrong way
I do not see what your seeing
Lately, I feel European (dream)
Salmon, I'm swimming upstream
Look, I don't know why you a dog
Know I'm coming for the crown (yuh)
Drop an album, kids want to party
Get them niggas out my house (out)
This is Hidden Hills, how are you allowed
I cut the music, it was loud (do it)
You don't deserve my respect
When I talk to Kendrick, man, I sit on the ground (yuh)
Just to get a little reference
So we have no confusion (shit)
My flow Call of Duty prestige
Seeing through your illusions (damn)
The Illuminati's real, that's a deal
Write a book so I can prove it (no)
All you rappers just a nuisance
It's always been more than the music (hey)
Now they looking at my new 'fit
Rockin' Couture on the floor of a Louis V store
And I'm sorry I'm stupid
Riding to Metro, we boomin' (yuh)
All the MSFTS come together in a Tesla
And we zooming

The older you get the worse it gets I guess
Oh my God, that shit's so annoying
You're all here this shit impossible,
Look, look exactly, so, I told her that
You're suppose to
That's what I'm 'bout to say,
He's gotta be able to see it
That's what I'm saying, bro
Yo, can I play?
At the same time it's kinda difficult to get your money in cash when [?]
Yo, Flacko, let me play you something