Joan Manuel Serrat

She gives me love

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La, la, la...

I wake up every morning
and there before my eyes
I find my darling
sighing sleepy sighs.

And then I kiss her face
good morning my love
she smiles and calls me close up
says it is me she's been dreaming of.

She gives me love
La, la, la.
I feel her arms wrapped around me
La, la, la
She gives me love
La, la, la.

I come home every evening
my work can get me down
I reach our doorway
and start to lose my frown.

I know she waits for me
I open the door
she 'rounds into my arms
who could ask for anything more?

La, la, la…

Autor(es): Manuel de la Calva, Ramón Arcusa

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