Ray Charles

Don't You Know

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Woooh, well, don't you know, baby
Child, don't you know baby
Oww, don't you know baby
Little girl, little girl, don't you know
Please listen to me baby
Girl, I'm in love with you so.

Turn your lamp down low
I said turn your lamp down low
Wooo, turn it down
Please turn your lamp down low
Come on baby
Girl I'm in love with you so.

Now I know I've been away
For such a long time
But now baby
I can't get you off of my mind.

So come on, please baby come on
Come on, come on
Love your daddy all night long.

Now if you love me
Like I love you
We can do all the things that we
Used to do.

So come on, Oww, baby come on
Please baby come on
Love your daddy all night long.

--- Instrumental ---

Say, have you heard baby
Ray Charles is in town
Let's mess around till the midnight hour
See what he's puttin down.

Come on
Please baby, come on, child
Oh lord, baby
Come on, all night long.

Turn your lamp down low
Cause I love you so
Baby please come on
Love your daddy all night long
You hear me talkin, baby
Baby please come on...

Don't You Know de Ray Charles

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