An Endless Battle

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We prepare to fight
No fear, no more
Feel the power inside
Across the mountains
We wear our swords
The enemy is near, she awaits

Free is our mind
Clear our purpose
Nothing to hide inside
The plan is solid
We are now so strong
Finally here we are
See her eyes

We face her, a monster from hell
Our new light within us will win

Beautiful face
Just a pretense

Over the fields
Running towards her
Feel the power inside
Our arms are sharp
Our shields so hard
The enemy hangs
She prepares

Some of us here
Now start to fear
But we are brave inside
As we are brave
We don't desert
At last here we are
We attack!

I go and fight against heartbreak
Against every sun that wants to set
We start to kill melancholy
That has been inside our hearts

She responds hard, underestimated
Remembrances of loss comes to my head
I now fall deeper than before
Melancholy is laughing at me

We return fallen
No one has won
She's even more alive now
No arms, no shields
We drown in sorrow
That is growing inside
Save this breath cause
Is near the last one
No war, no more
We fall forever

And what about you? Now I can't tell
No light in me to share anymore

All this light is always weak
World keeps the chain we build
Continue running ahead to death
World erases slowly the weak

Only tragedies have the power
To change us, but they leave a wound