Of Montreal

Du Og Meg

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She fell in love with a boy
who spoke a second language
And who lived across the ocean
in the evil empire

He awoke her sleeping heart
and swept away the darkness
An acute fear of flying
couldn't keep her away

Ooh, ooh, ooh

She landed on her feet
and joined his fledgling rock group
as they toured the evil empire
selling t-shirts at the shows

She taught him what was real
she taught him he was okay
That his thoughts were not just rubbish
that he had something good to give

Still his heart was so ambivalent and hopesick
of her he wasn't ever sure
But she gave in so sweetly that the spirit said
"Boy you better go run to her"

So when she split he hopped on a plane
with his parents and his brother
He told her that he loved her
they were married in the summer

Ooh, ooh, ooh

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