Mac Miller

Child Celebrity

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Well, well, well, well hello baby
Well, well, well, well, hello baby

I try to stay humble but it's hard when you this fly
Women want a picture wit'cha hand the camera to their guy
And I know that they just wanna pose with the kid
So my clothes staying fresh and my dome gettin' big (gettin' big)
So many stars above me they don't mention me (mention me)
But it's hard when you feel like a celebrity (celebrity)
When you feel like a celebrity (o-woah-o-woah)
When you feel like a celebrity

Look my homie try tell me that my mac ain't well
Lean back with a laugh and half a smile
Wanna have a good time but I gotta hard grind
And I gotta go back right now
The way these people be loving
It's hard to comprehend
Every time I go out, out in the public
Feel like the boy got a lot of friends
Shit, I don't want to end bro
Be back up in the crib smoking, playing Nintendo
‘Cause me I'm try'n be up at the Grammys
Throwing parties in Miami
Round the bend of Venice Beach
Recognize me in the streets
With a hundred thousand women
Rocking all expensive linen
Living life like is a dream
I can't wait to be the king, shit
I don't want it to ever end
But for you bitches
It's something I wouldn't recommend

Uh, look, uh
Coming back with a vengeance
Take a breath in the pause
Right after the sentence, uh
Go hit your L, uh
Now back to the business, uh
With a round of applause
Got shorty right down to her draws
Don't mess around with the best around
When it's gonna come down to the bars
They gotta know I'm, I'm so high
Ask me boy I won't lie
My body's stuck on ghost ride
Throw a toast to the most high
I don't need your cosign
If you don't like me fuck you
But don't try and say wassup
When you come through (come through)
‘Cause I don't need you man
The boy done gained a heap of fans
150 downloads in a minute when I leak a jam
The future of this music shit
Well homie I believe I am
‘Cause every time I rock the mic
They get up out their seats and like “damn!”