Shifting Suns and Shattered Skies

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And after all this time... what have you managed to change?
The door isn't closed anymore, step through.

It's not the chains, he pours himself in this place.
He can't move, his legs won't work he cannot feel.

He has never felt this way before
Six feet under in this shallow grave he dug.
He thinks: am I just another lying face?
Sometimes it seems he betrays himself.

He wonders if after farewell there is hope.
Remembrance will cast the shadow of his doom.
For any sign of light: run...

He has walked this trail for miles thinking.
He has known this would be his conviction
Slave to his own name so far.
Now it's time to change.

Broken he sits, burned by a thousand fires.
He knows it hurts... time to put the pieces back together.

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