Trains Collide

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In depth with my soul, blinded by a bright light
But there is no more than a hole, that burns a kite in the sky
Solitude in my mind.
My hands are empty, and covered with blood.
But it's not mine it comes from her eyes.

Why trains had to collide?
In the ashes they turn black.
Why traces vanish in the sand?
As the river washes my scars.

A dark sunset arrives, a crimson tide left her shadow behind.
Take me in your arms.
Grab my life and hold it in your hands.

Those black eyes that over watch the night
That pale skin, that made me sin
The black hair, that gets me ill
The crimson scythe, that took my soul away.

A crimson sunrise arrives, a dark night left its shadow behind.
Take me in your hands, grab my soul and hold it in your arms.

Don't go away. Don't take her...
She must live and I should die.

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