Above the law

Clinic Niggaz

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We interupt this record to let ya'll know
When the fuck
Why the fuck
Whenever the fuck
You do what you do
F*** wth us
See ah, we lock shit down
From the B.G's all the way upto the O.G's
So, ehm, why you sitting around
Smoke on this

All my dogs peepin' game let me know something
And when I see you in P-town we gone smoke something
Cause I keep it real and show love where I come from
And if you's a hater run up and tried a get some
Your results you'll be tragic
Me and my click strapped with classics
We coming to get ya
To sweep ya marks of ya asses
Cause you fuckin' with some killas
Some real niggas
Some dope dealer and we all about are bank

What's a clinic nigga
All dark the long stroker
Pocahontas poker
What's a clinic nigga
Brown eyed flossy
Catch 'em when they bossy
What's a clinic nigga

See its me KM.G
In my A50 with 2 Puerto Rican freaks
{What's a clinic nigga}
On my way to the retreat
With a case of remi
But ya'll don't hear me
But you still fear me
I step through and blow one
And let you stare at one of my thick ass bitches
Plus i know your baby momma twisted
Pimp clinic niggas got the tickets
Now we on are way to the orgy
Are you with it
54 inches in the bedroom
60 inches in the living room
The little homie rolls the s-class for the head room
And it don't stop til your speaker go boom

See I'm the type of nigga that be coming way major
Who ever wanna jump up and test the funk
Get their ship sunk
I never waist time cause time u'll waist me
I keep my game in overdrive
While hater catch z's
Yo, im from the p-o-m-o-n-a-c-a-l-i-f-o-r-n-i-a
Player hater killer every day
Much love to my people locked up in T.I the bull run
Chino two's? and real back and forth some
And I high powered how a play
I keep it locked down all day
Like pelican bay
And see you got to have clout in the land of la la
Like me, KM.G, Young Ten, Hard Fel and Ha-Ha
It's Pimp Clinic till the wheels fall off
At any highest degree to the cost