Above the law

Evil That Men Do

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Ugh, in the house
Ccheck it out
Above the Law, ATL, player
Tell me where you at hah?
Above the Law gang
A.T.L, where you at hah?
Pimp Clinic Gang
Where you at hah?
Mad beats pumpin
Where you at hah?
That's what they say do hah?

Diggin' their groom when they gang beat into the room
Sippin' on thick Hennessey consume, yeah
We're comin' through, ready to dance with the devil in the pale roomlight
Gays kind of mad cause bang kind of tight
See, that the feelin, how chill
And bake a quater in the Westside
For a nigga to get fly
Tricks on some hookin' let him steal a gram
Visit my hoes to get sucked up
I'm the man, lookin' for this other motherfucker
Me and my game, he wanna get wicked
He wanna take it there, dumpin' browns any time I G-up
Yeah, I'll be the motherfucker to straight see ya
So pass the letter to the mail, hands up
I just got a fax at the shack in my ride
And now, they sent me on my pager
Two chickens got stuck, someone's playin' with my paper
All of a sudden, I had to sent the homie
The big homie, the Pistol Whip
Pistol whipped the whole clique
Because we didn't benefittin' game
Knowin Above The Law got to keep the name
Maintained, stayin' away from them one times
Cause we're pistol grippers
And them turkey could be trippin'
Bad unique uniform
Plus, the NARCs come through like some motherfuckin' quite storm
All we have to do is stay more aware
I'm about to flow in the the studio, bump a hoe and go
And stay strapped all the time
Put that L-neezie I'mma get rhyme, toss a gang of crimes
So now you know, what we go through
The evil shit that real men do

Real men do
Evil that men do
Evil that real men do
Evil that men do
Evil that men do

Now, roll me up some of that good feelin'
So I can forget all the shit on the news that I'm hearin'
I got other things to do with my life
I give a fuck if O.J. killed or didn't kill his wife
Cause I be around a million motherfuckers a day
Just ready to peel your cap back for lookin' the wrong way
I got that problem with myself
And my mind's playin' tricks on me
Am I gettin' fucked by the homies?
Or is my lady fuckin' everybody in the hood?
I hope not because her pussy is good, yo
I roll through with my nino on lap cocked
Just for the suckers on the set that wanna cockblock
They get dropped like that last player hater
I swear, I come raw like the jaws on the alligator
Now, all let your homies and all of your friends
Quit tryin' to put your buster ass back together again
But if not, I'm at your way, ready to shake you some more shit
If that's I did, the busy gotta get
Cause y'all peep, I was raised on the rough side, hussy
The hoo-ride, the either get rode on
I'm gettin' tired the motherfuckers playin' Chef Boyardee
Stirring me up and tryin' to put salt all on me
I give them 50 feet, with the infra red on the tech set
Boo yaa, kill them with no regrets
I once knew a nigga named Sami
Who had it goin' on in Miami
Now, Sami got popped by the feds like a bitch, so we snitched on his whole fuckin' family
Now, who that? Who that? Who that
All up in the kool aid
Who don't even know what the flavor look like
Yo, I be the C-O-L-D-187, A-B-O-V-E-T-H-E-L-A-W
It's the crew, wicked like voodoo, yeah
With that evil that men do, fool


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