Above the law

Harda U R Tha Doppa U Faal

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See we way out there
Into planetary hulk mega's
Pushing more bass than a Vega

So welcome to the place where nobody dance to go
So head for the hills and hide ya hoes
We're the worlds most untouchable clinic
Ain't no way to get out because you're all in it

Cause niggas been clocking for 30 days straight
Its 4:45 i'll have it cooked by 8
I'll wrap it in the cellophane and grab ol' silver
Just like U.P.S it comes personally delivered

You get the whole funk and nothing but the funk

Cause some of are colleges be serving that
They wanna be head honcho, big supreme

But they ain't really winning on a triple beam

Yea, so I fly like an eagle when i'm winning
Hit a couple of corners and make a killing

Ya' know what I mean

Yeah, i'm a player with game so peep
I'm more funky than Parliament when they made Knee Deep

Me i'm more fly than 20 birds of yay'
I been the only nigga serving this [muzzle?] fool

Yo' cause see from player to player
It's all in the network
And just like a tailor we got tha' shit sowed up
Believe that shit motherfuckers

Yeah 1992
Above The Law's in this motherfucker
Putting the west coast on the map
But we ain't here to pull rank
Just clock bank plus crazy status

Back on the streets after 2 scoops of raisins

Niggas started tripping and said that we had faded

Ahh shit K.MG, I love it when ya twist em'
Let me tell you how I feel
When the chronic's in my system

It's like phsyco-ponic, do-ma-la-ma
New-ma-la-ma, mister gimmie way

Now I need a polished cup for my private meditation
While I smoke like an indian on my reservation

Oh, yo' I hear that but other suckers smear that
But speak on a fool, they love my nigga cause they fear that

Baam, and flaunt my gangsta tactics
And young dumb hoe's can't touch the cactus

It's a sticky situation, it's a situation sticky
Mister police why you all on my black dickies

Jail house crease, those stand up on the wall
I got the ski-mask incognito, on my lap when I ball

Yeah straight to be me
But you don't see me
Buddy line on my dick but I really ain't giving a shit

Yeah, it's like a jungle sometimes
It makes me wonder how I keep from going under
When i'm slanging and flinging them numbers

Yeah, but never treat M.C's just like crooked cops
Catch ya' slipping 1 time
I gotta go pop, boo'yah

2000, zero, fuck it, party's over

The shit is kind of wicked boy I told ya'


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