Above the law

Pimp Clinic Anthem

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Check it out, uh
Something for the B side, uh
Above the Law in the house, uh
Pimp Clinic in the house, uh
Put some work down
Yeah, uh
Ooooweee, ha
And it don't stop and it don't quit
Uh-huh, yeah
Bring you the real deal, uh-uh
And we go like this
Check it

I'm trying to get paid in the motherfucking 90s on the realest deal
Cause ain't nobody giving me shit
I'm trying to get rich quick
And ain't a turning back, yeah
I'm yelling fuck everybody cause it be like that
I'm rolling 22nd inches them thangs, yo
I'm straight flossin you and tossin you with game, ho
Cause see pimpin' come easy when it comes to the game
Of fucking around with them hoodrats
And get you in some punk shit
I got the cop down
I got it in the tray
I got the Glock cocked
In case it ain't a good day
And my shit is straight gleaming
Bitches jocking cause my [?] straight screaming
Get in, why you fitting? don't get shit on my seats
Cause see sloppy ho's be
Got nothin one of my pet beefs
Spark the buddah KM.G
So we can get zooted on this track with the whole Clinic set

Cause I like to fly away
Yo in my mind
At least about once a day

So here come a message from a true player
In the streets don't nobody care
Prepare for the bad and the ugly and the slick and the wicked
When the shit hits the fan
So I'mma say peace
To all my family and my homies
From L.A. all the way out to Pomona, yeah

Aww yeah
In case you fake ass niggas didn't know
We coming for you
Pimp Clinic gang
Can you hang
Can you hang
Yeah nigga
Bound by 8 niggas
Putting in work
Killing dealing
All and willing
But I got some for you niggas and bitches
Check it

Bitches and niggas get off your ass and on your feet
It's two crazy ass niggas from the P.C.G
Get yout lyrical fix of some dope shit
Quench your thirst
I destroy pawban?, so check the 3rd verse
When the well known feature turn into a whore
I'll make your daddy pimp your momma
Like a motherfucking whore, no I'm deadly
My motherfucking name is Kokane
So put this pimp shit all in your veins

So macadocious and I'm feeling like a cap peeler
Oh man I hate it
I gotta be the black nigga killer
They say two wrongs don't make a right
But I'll be damned if I turn the other cheek before I pull my heat
Listen young niggas, don't take black? like a joke
They say we should over come
But I gotta over come being broke
B C 7hall gang?
Clowning motherfuckers like
Richard Bey, oooooh

At the dope spot had them people sneaking a revolver
7 white ? medicine bottle
Had the shit popping
Niggas flipping a grip
Until a jealous nigga named Slib Coey tipped
Now he can kill his whole fucking family
We don't give a fuck
But the nigga only left us with 2 minutes to flex
We got away caught him slippin' on mission
Took him up the Woodstone
Now it's time for deep sea fishing, uh
Bam-bam to his knees
Now nigga night, dawg
Will help you get your z's

Fool, yeah
Young players representing to the fullest
Uh, Kokane, Triggerman
Understand, yeah
It's on up in here
Shooting them hollow points at your dome
And it's on, yeah
So KM.G won't you step up and break these fools of in major figures

Return of the street
Playa hit click mafia
Ain't nobody shot
Just a gang of bald heads lowriding
Providing the funk for you to push up
All batches got the dusha
For that they get the ATL hook up
We stay on top of things
Willin to bring the ghetto swing
For that we maintain
Our quota
Our motherfucking status
And I won't have to pull up to ya crib and blast
Now, we believe in dumping out of windows of Lexus with 4 doors
And jumping of the stage at the show
And if my nigga K-Oss
Finally it's on
Glock's, TEC's and 9's
? better
Til the break of dawn
Now is you on my team
I be the one that flex yo ass
Up in your bad dream, uh
We just had to get rid of some snitches
They end up being snakes
Motherfucking leeches
So I guess we just rise up?
As a nigga puff that wet?
From that westside

Yeah, yeah, yeah
An it don't stop
An it don't quit, uh
Back in your face
Ripping up the whole place
You got that wicked wicked wicked sound
ATL, uh, yeah
But imma get out of here
Pimp playing games
94, 95 forever for life
Peace, uh

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