Above the law

Process Of Elimination (Untouchakickamurdaqtion)

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[Cold] This motherfucker owe me a lot of money, you know what I'm sayin?
[Km.G] Aww, that's motherfucker
[Cold] Bullshit??, we gonna go there and do this, man
[Km.G] Alright, alright
[Cold] So fuck all these freak joints, over here
You know, let's check this bitch out over here
[Bitch] Aiy baby, welcome to the place where it's always goin' on, can I help you?
[Cold] No, you can't help us, ho
[Km.G] Yo, we're lookin' for Toe Trip Tony, where this nigga at?
I know he's here
[Bitch] Aww honey, that's class...

(*Cold 187Um cocked the gun and put it in bitch head*)

[Km.G] Bitch
[Bitch] See him on 242, straight down the hog to your left..
I don't want no motherfuckin' trouble
Y'all always comin' in here startin' motherfuckin' trouble
[Cold] Let's do this, man

(*Door Knocked*)

[Cold] Open the door, Tony
[Tony] Who the fuck at my door?
[Cold] Open the door, man
[Tony] Who the fuck at my door?
[Cold] Yo man, what's up with my end, man, what's up with my end?
[Tony] I was at seven man, I was just like kickin' at seven
I told your women what's up, we talked about this..
[Cold] No man, No motherfucker, you ain't talked about nothin'
You ain't talked to nobody and you outta time, motherfucker
[Tony] Aww man, I'm tryin' to..
[Cold] You got kicked me in end, then man
[Tony] What's up, well, can I get a little time man, I got some time
[Cold] No, no, time is expired motherfucker

(*4 Gun Shots*) (*Women screaming*)

Do you know, motherfuckers need to get the fuck up off our back
[Km.G] Yeah
Cause you know A.T.L ain't never goin' out like that
[Km.G] Black Mafia Life
I am the Coooooold 187
Yo, and I'mma do a little somethin' like this

Now see, some try to label me a psychopath
Cause I think the shit is funny when I'm bustin' on a fool's ass
It don't matter, the shit's out the Glock
Cause ain't no names on a bullet in a shootout
The way I think is kind of strange you would guess
But nowadays, it's like the motherfuckin' wild west
One come up, put you six feet under
And do it so fast I'll make everybody wonder
Yo, Where he go, where he been, where he at
They find you in the alley with a .38 slug in your back
Cooold, waitin' for the meat wagon
I put two in your head to let you know, it wouldn't lack
Straight Mafia style is kind of crazy
Nooooooh, the motherfucker didn't fade me
Yo, so tell your homey, tell your clique, tell your gang
Then we can go cap for cap, or we could throw them thangs
But in the heated scrap, when things are cookin'
One of my homies might bust when you ain't lookin' (*Gun shots*)
And now they're sayin' that them niggas be trippin'
But just like we say in the hood "don't get caught slippin"
So I stay strapped, even though I rap, cause when I step
See, the old punks and new jacks, they still wanna get a rep
But I'll be that motherfucker just like the Grim Reaper
But a little bit cheaper
So fool, you better have your shit together
Cause if you fuck with '87 he will hunt you forever
Yeah, and that's how you deal with them punk motherfuckers

[Cold 187Um:] Yo, yo Km.G
[Km.G:] What's up my nigga?
[Cold 187Um:] What's up, man?
[Km.G:] Yeah, this is the process
[Cold 187Um:] The process of what?
[Km.G:] Process of Elimination
[Cold 187Um:] Yeah
[Km.G:] Eliminatin' all fools that don't understand the Black Mafia sound
[Cold 187Um:] hell, yeah
[Km.G:] Let me let them have it

You see, you could just label me the undertaker
Cause I speed up your chance for you to meet your maker
See, Judgement Day has come
You're bein' tried by a black-Ass-Nigga that's pulled many triggers
Shit, I'm the jury and I'm also the judge
For this I'm around, I can't show much love
Here's a vision: I'm a motherfuckin' assassin
Fools I clip, keeps me clockin' a grip
So I lay low then I wait for a connection
"Surveillance ain't shit to us without police protection"
Cause when nigga is got a gun "yeah"
Motherfuck*** better run
Cause there's one more thing that's worse than a black man rappin'
And that's another nigga cappin'
Cause them brothers were slaves, if a nigga had a gat
He would've fucked all the hoes and took the white man's sack
But, this is the 90's and what's really goin' on?
We jackin' marks for their title, their ends and their zones
Give a pimp a little paper, he's a politician
Anything's possible, call me Alouitious
Shit, this is a potion to sip and don't hurl
A Black Mafia bullet from the underworld
"So if you scared of the rhymes and you ain't really used to us"
You a black guillotine, the motherfuckin' executioners
Yeah, Now let a real G from the real niggas eliminate a few fools

Yeah, MC Ren in here, you know what I'm sayin?
All about that Black Mafia Life
With A.T.L, you know, I'm livin' like a hustler
I'm the real nigga number 1
Yo, we about to do somethin' to you right here, so check this out
It goes like this, check it

The process of elimination, the real nigga number one
I'll get the motherfuckin' job done
Because my voice is like a defensive line
You beggin' for me to come with it because I'm attackin' you with tough rhyme
Because MC Ren'll talk the days of wayback
And how I had niggas on their backs
Gettin' fucked like a ho in the back of the '64
And suckin' dicks like tricks
I only hang with G's
Cause they don't give a diznamn
To make it clear, they don't give a damn
I used to wear black, but the shit got played
From the biting-Ass-Niggas that I slayed
For tryin' to walk the path that I walk in
And 90% of them tryin' to talk how I be talkin' Yo
But they can't get that, cause 'Ren ain't with that
And niggas in L.A. you need to quit that
So get your mouth off my family jewels
Cause playin' with 'Ren, you ain't fuckin' with rules
It's every nigga for himself when I'm known to start to swing
Cause it ain't nothin' but a thang
Or I can make it happen quick and put a bullet to your chest (*Gun shot*)
So I can speed up the process

[MC Ren:] Aiyyo, Km.G
[Km.G:] What's up?
[MC Ren:] Why don't tell these niggas what time it is in '91?

Yeah, there it is
The straight gangsters shit on the motherfuckin' hit
The Black Mafia sound from the motherfuckin' underground
Cussin' and bustin, lettin' the underground have it, there it is

And yo, this is MC Ren
Real nigga number one, gettin' the job done
Yo, to everybody out there, they know what time it is
Tell them what's up

Yo, this is Cooooooooold 187
Yo, you know I'm doing the mad-Ass-Gangster shit always
That's how I gets paid
Yo, we gotta sign off and we outta here, yeah

Now, that's how you kill somebody my brother
You get right up on the motherfucker, and BOO-YAA
Blow his brains all over the sidewalk, in broad daylight...

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