When The Angel

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When the angel fell asleep
The insomnia of my night’s sadden my fear
Make it blind of all pain, and anguish of
Panic: the black cloak me
But I know that as long as, the fire hurries
Its ashes
I wonder why you come to my side
If everything you touch agonizes
And I’ll just have to cry blood
While you hug and touch me
With your soft hands but full of ambiguous feelings
Pain or happiness would be what they feel
Then I’ll become just a memory to the forget fullness
And blood won’t run in my vains never again
And my body will be a banquet for those who live
In my new home
I just become invisible, my destiny is over, the end arrives
And the angel fell asleep and won’t wake up
Don’t pray for me, you’ll see my shadow
Every time that sunset ends
I´ll stay in the middle, among the others
Until the day becomes night
And tempest from hell became a gesture
Everything is quiet, everything is eternal.