Demis Roussos

My Blue Ship's A-Sailin'

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My blue ship's a sailing
Through the mist
While the wind's
a giving a cold kiss

On my sails which
grope for a shore
Storm is now ragin'
at my door
On my sails which
grope for a shore

I wrote down those words
I love you
I wrote down these words

My love
La la la la la la la
Ou ou ou ou ou ou
There is not a sound
and no lighthouse

To light me the way
in your arms
Shall I see your eyes
Shall I be back...
I sailed many miles
to your heart

I'll sail off the rocks
Which are trying
To whisk us on
locks of the dyin'
If I sail on rocks
my beloved
I'll carve down the words
Of our love

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