Through A Distant Window

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Touch the stars below us

Have you ever felt that nothing is real?
Those so usual things you just don’t feel
Have you ever run in a moving wheel?
Watching yourself like “but I’m not here”?

Have you ever felt that nothing's real?
Those so common things that just aren’t here
Could you even switch to another wheel?
I'm just watching me like I wasn't here

Layers of reality unfold
Towards the "Right Answer"

Out of the universe is the only place
To be the guide of it
A hell i see above
A heaven that is not driven
Am I all of you
Or am I no one?

I tell you i feel that nothing is real
Tell me my possition on this dream
Could you ever switch to a brand new wheel?
Give me a substance to feel it appear

Dark loads of what's good
This void I feel I am

Dark loads of what's evil
The void I know I am

A night like any other in senses changing
Behind the glass
Also add a curtain
Put a shutter too
You're still so far
Of my consciousness

And those times when I’m thrown into the abyss
Everything’s so hard and the pain is tasted
It means nothing; I’m stuck here in my place
I’m a movie filmed through a distant window

And even in times when my glory reaches
The sky, heaven, to make all gods see
It just means nothing more than a bad film
Seen through a broken too distant window

Rebellion on good times
Breaking all your structures