Turn Into Words

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As the night comes the surfaces calm
Covering the grand load still inside
Left for a rest, away for a while
Let magic do its part

Cornered by a gaze that hides
Missing mine escaping too
Another sign of dissapointment
Reading wrongly the book
When she went out of this dark place

Alchemy in the room
Under million layers
Of blankets
I fell to the ground
And naturally turned into words

She were back
Through the outside door
Reading in an instant
As the rays penetrated
Letters, i am

Desire swayed by her hair
The longing i felt
We were in a place far from here
In a stainless country

A pair of charged eyes now fixed
In relation with a changing form
A mouth drawing the most pure smile
I am the one between man and word
Loads of thoughts
With a fuzzy background

Being an indescribable sentence
In a trip to her depths
She took my hand and walked me
To the garden of delights

But now i'm risen by the hand of the sun
From where it never fades
To this riuns of a world
I need to sleep on it awake
And turn all of this to words