Behold a Pale Horse

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Not sure what space I'm in, oh well
Not sure what space I'm in, oh well
Rain rushing, window pane, oh well
Rain rushing, window pane, oh well

Resurrection of the leopard
Spotted death
I never met her
If I did I think I'd tell her "Fuck yourself. I'm shredding cheddar."
And all these blunts keep burning better
Why would I kill myself now?
Because I'd like to see the world burn just to soak up smoke and ash like a burning urn
F*** killing myself I'll just spread the death amongst all of y'all
$uicideboy bitch
One for one and all for none
Bitch I'm built to fall
Yall keep flossing
Money tossing
Level crossing
I will plot the apocalypse with a blunt on my lips
Steady heavy coughing
Dancing on y'alls fucking grave
Slice my wrist and fucking wave
Then call up $lick to smoke out the cave
F*** getting paid
Bitch I'm roasting in the flames, aye

Pull up and I kill everyone at your wake
Then commit $uicide by taking one to the face
Every time I walk around, smell the tree on my clothes
Lean in my hand, coke in my nose
Eat a motherfucker's face if I ain't got shit to eat
Half the time I'm looking homeless, bitch I live in the streets
Put these bitches face down when I climb in they sheets
Ain't got no mother fucking bands, but that gold on my teeth
Bury the bodies in the ground by my next door neighbor
AK-47 tucked under my table
Living with my pops just so I can watch cable
My whole clique a Savage Squad like my first name was Fredo

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