Jeffer Drive

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Slit my own wrist bitch I been killing shit
Bitch pick up ash off the blunt when it spill
I ain't paying for shit I got three hunnid pills
Palm full of pills I might die any day
Hope I die with no will
There's a way to escape
It's called digging your grave
I don't chill with nobody or meet face to face
I'm just waiting in here until I can creep out of my cave
Don't try and save
What cannot be saved
I cannot be saved
Cause I am a slave
To my own mistakes
I hope I fade away like a memory fades in my brain
Pray that I slay all the prey
Blade that drains my fucking veins
Satan, please save me today
I break away now I've escaped

Slumped up off my habits with two full metal jackets
I'm that Slenderman up in your closet
Panic when you think about it
That grey haired thugging lil shawty
Paranoid can't be too cautious
Roll up
Finna blow on this dope
Could be heroin could be smoke
Either way, I'm gonna blow
Numb till I can't feel no more
R.I.P to the one they call $lick
D.I.E when you fuck with the clique
Pull up quick with the sticks empty clips
Then I dip with your bitch
Made her suck dick
She was shit
I got pissed, so I didn't hit
Just hit a lick hit the whip and then I dipped swift

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