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Depict your gods and I will summarize your wretched ways.
Through complex patterns I have quantified archetypes.
Our fears have denounced the nature of emphasis on eternal punishments.
The foundations of opulent, celestial utopias are not distant from our realms.
In the traditions of mortals I have found the essence of selfish civilizations. I will not succumb to spherical egocentricity.
Purge and oppress the lives of those, who like yourselves, possess the aptitude to concoct deductions.
Your redeemers are advocates of humility: philanthropists for rape and debauchery. I will not partake in narcissistic idolatry.
Slaughter and afflict the ones, who like yourselves, claim to have clasped the light of true belief.
Your saviors are sponsors of virtue: protagonists of cataclysmic genocide and depravity.
Regard the mirrors that elucidate the abomination your deities epitomize.
Through visages of contradictions behold your christs disfigured.
Craft not the defilement of certainty with foolish attempts to personify absolute divinity.