Happy Meal

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Polished trophy, pretty whore
Leave the house to feel adored
Evil eaves so soft and sweet
So why'd you let them pass you around like meat?
You're not even breast
You're not even steak
You're a Happy Meal
Just lay there on a plate

You're available at any hour
They just drive-through
Take your power-uh-uh-er!
You better watch out
I think your meat is starting to turn

Groupie, they all lovingly
Fear the things you could achieve
If you thought better of yourself;
But you prefer to fuck up your mental health
You grew up hungry
Hunger pangs for company
You coulda sucked dry all the seas
But nothing seemed to put you at ease

They say
You always sing in a minor key
Only about things that concern me
I'm happy day-to-day
But this hunger, it never goes away
I grew up hungry
Hunger pangs for company
I could've sucked dry all the seas
But nothing seemed to put me at ease

Like chocolate, sex, cigarettes, and love
No none of these things seem enough
For girls like her
And guys like me
Depleted in com-company
Depleted company
Depleted company

No I don't wanna be saved
I'm not askin' for that
I prefer to be brave
And fill myself up with things
That I know will just fuck with my head
With things that I know
Will just fuck up my head

Well at least I helped one girl
Crawl out of stranger's beds
And you
I doubt you ever bothered to see
What's going on in her head
Well it's easy to judge
And it's easy to say what you said
No, it's easy, so easy to say
Say what you said