Beau Young Prince

The Reverse Effect

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It's Young! Waddup Brenton Duvall?

Life's lane moving fast, I'm steady
Speeding up. Light's keep flashing fast
I need my shades up. Knew I was made to pose
For these cameras. Responding to questions
Like I'm addressing a panel of Pamelas
Brainless, must be zombies
On my heart they try to feast but
Never will they bite me
Taste too bitter, yeah I'm too much to swallow
Head full of dreams you're looking
Sleepy Hollow. Disconnected, you need to pick it up
We moving forward but we destined to repeat
And such. Consequences, attributes and human beings
Feel like my man Twist say, "Sleep
You were meant to dream"
We are kings, should believe we can reach
The mountain. Do not focus on the clock
Or you'll get lost counting
Steady mounting and building on the plan
But reverses get impressed cause it's
The option and demand. Damn

Reverse, reverse where do we go?
Always movin' back
Reverse, reverse the hands more forward
Look how we retract

Bicycle pedals, gears of the car
Rotate, rotate, try to get far
Decisions of the judge, effects of the drugs
All things reversed, it's the law of the Earth
Try to make my life for my use
For myself, so my value judgments are formed
Around wealth. My mother taught me self-respect
If nothing less. Me and Brenton tossing
Javelins and thinking about the Jets
So what city coming next? Cause we just
Wanna live life. Never planned to be famous
We just did it right. That's word to Frank
Now deposit to my bank. Time is moving forward
No reverse and you should really think
Perform in front of thousands, on stage wildin
People say we different cause we got our
Own style and time is moving fast in here
Thinking about last year, progress
Or recess? That's my only fear

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