Fear City Slide

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I feel like i’m rising,
As everything falls away.
I feel old like the cold wind
Blowing outside today.
Got my finger on the trigger and no one cares.
When they find me face down in the river
Will they just leave me there?
Hang on, don’t let go!
Just hang on! don’t let go!
Come on, come on
Gotta take a ride,
Fear city slide.
Last chance @ suicide.
Come on, come on
Leave your head outside,
You’ve built a lie.
Last chance @ suicide.
Come on, come on
Let’s take a ride!
Last chance @ suicide.
Will anyone remember?
Will they learn from my mistakes?
Sometimes it takes a lifetime of pain to change.
I’m closing on the edge here and you’ve heard it all before . . .
But what good did any of my life bring?
What was it really for?
Hang on don’t let go!
Just hang on and don’t let go!