Bright Eyes

On The Concourse

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It started off as an ending
I'll never see her sad eyes again
Silently meeting them on the concourse, tears promised never to forget

Remember that city, shining like jewelry, changing beneath us on our way back home
Where the painting hangs in the living room
I am still there holding my hands
And I'll never get used to it
I'll never be what I want
Hard as I try, I wont be anywhere

Glory in the highest
Voices are praising
Tongues are dividing
Buildings explode and fall down like children, stand up and reach for a table's leg
So far from here listening inside your head clouds are spitting dust
With each lesson you're learning that you wont find truth here, but you're still driving
There is no other way you could have gone, could have gone, could have gone

I'll never be where you are
I love you more than this heart could ever show, but you won't remember anything
Remind you of me
Sleep in the quiet place where you can be alone
Anything you want from me
I love you more than this heart could ever show
And you will never get used to it 'cause you wont remember anything that happened and you won't be anywhere

Autor(es): Ambulance LTD

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