Akira Yamaoka

Elle Theme

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Where have you been?
You are a different man
You disappeared
And just like that, you're here

So did your time away from here
Renew your soul to make you strong?
For your return, I thought you knew
It feels good just holding you

She's gone I fear
I think there's something wrong
Have you seen her?
She's been away too long

So look around
This dismal place
Some things have changed
Or can't you tell?

I'm glad you're here
I see you're well
And welcome home
Embrace your hell

In a town hungry for the lonely
Lost, innocent child
Forbidden life taken in a moment
Life too late for saving
Or just in time

In my mind, faces keep returning
I still see her smile
And in the dark fear that I am fearing
Dies once in a while

And as the moon leads me through the madness
There, standing alone
I feel her breath coming from the shadows
Streets, almost alive

I heard a sound (I heard a sound)
Familiar voice (familiar voice)
The lake is wide
Making a choice that is never allowed
(Why do you have no choice?)
I need to know, I need to know
(You'll never know, no)
But all the roads lead me back to my home

Is she gone? Are you real? Are you here?
Can I trust who you say that you are?
And who I am now? (And who am I now?)
Too late for me knowing
Or just in time

Autor(es): Akira Yamaoka

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