Kurt Vile

Blue Cheese

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Chinese rock and roll
Blue cheese up your - well you know
And I'm busting out of my seams
If you know what I mean
Because I'm-a-getting f'old

I didn't mean to cough on her
Forgot to add the fabric softener
I met a girl named Tina
That girl, that girl, supplies the reeferina

So kiss me with your mouth
Girl of my dreams
I've grown these agonising eyeballs
Hanging on all the Kurtisy calls and creamin in my j...
Game genie: a million lives
Never gonna die again
It's alright

Now I'm calling the cops on you
Nanny nanny boo boo
Narcin' you out
That's very funny and pray tell
Dare say, come again?
Rather very amusing as well

So kiss me with your mouth once more
Girl in real life
And cheer up Tom Scharpling: The King
And I'm singing and singing and..
Yeah, get a load of my song

Chinese rock and roll
Blue cheese up your woo hoo!

Autor(es): Kurt Samuel Vile