Flash's Confession

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I've just had a dream that I never will forget,
And I wish I could erase.
I was standing on the street with a whole crowd of people
And no one knew my name.
And I was just another face
No one looked at me or touched me
Spoke to or acknowledged me.
I had no identity or individuality
No thoughts of my own, no mind or personality.
I was just a no one, a total nonentity
I'm just a number waiting to be called.
It is time for confessing it all,
I'm just another face,
Yes, it's time for confessing it all.
Been a cheat, been a crook,
Never gave I always took.
Crushed people to acquire
Anything that I desired.
Been deceitful and a liar
Now I'm facing Hell Fire.
I can't believe that my time has come
For confessing all the evil
And the wrong that I've done.
The reckoning's come
And now I'm just a no one.
I confess to the timid and the meek
To the cripples and the beggars
And the tramps in the street.
I confess my cruelty, my ego and conceit,
I've opened up my body and looked inside
And I'm everything that I once despised.
I confess for the thieves,
The affected and deranged,
I confess for the muggers and incurably insane,
I confess to the ugly for being vain,
I confess to those I hurt for causing them pain.
I'm just a number
Waiting to be called
And it's time for confessing it all,
And I'm just another face,
And it is time for confessing It all,
Yes, it's time for confessing it all,
Yes, it's time for confessing it all.

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