Asuric Being [Radio Edit]

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Asuric Spirit of twilight
Luminous stellar disgrace
With my mind as weapon
The ultimate death conclusion

Devourer of life and light
The essence of Saturn
Thrive in obsession and filth
The night is great and glowing

Bringing torrents of death and despair
hailing thy grotesque fate

Light the flame
On every level of existence
Feasting on Atma
Sprouting from the seed of hate

Depression and triumph
Boundless void it is fed to grow
In the temple of twilight
All is devoted to nought

As long as darkness breeds

Scars of fire
Revealed in destruction
would we mourn or remember
You down the road to the core

Embrace extinction
Feasting on the self
In the temple of twilight
All is devoted to nought

Light a flame
that infest in the spirit
In conflagration
It burns it all down

Blood harvest forsaken life

Everyone becomes dust
Everything turns to nought
Everyone becomes dust