Get Your Dead Hand Off My Shoulder

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The toxic glow of this botched city
Hums in time with my nightmares
Murmuring sinister resonance
The shocking and the shaping of air
Trapped in a shivering carcass
Part of a throbbing crowd
Every space is constantly trembling
Stay awake, lights go out

Time speeds up, I get older
Get your dead hand of my shoulder

You are a present absence
Spectral traces everywhere
You set the darkness echoing
Chair creaks, you're not there
Vibration through my body
It hits my chest and throat
At the point of suffocation I let go

Deafening whispered threats
Like an unknowable breath
Rising in a hollow swell
Shrill bloody red
All streets are screaming empty
Frequencies sing your ghost
We've had our time together
Now I've got to let you go