Adrenalin O.d.

Going To A Funeral

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Another relative up and dies
Everyone sits around and cries
No one liked him anyway
Forget about 'em in another day

Going to a funeral
Sit around and cry
Going to a funeral
Nobody cared how he died

He was a really rotten person
Everyone hopes he goes to heaven
He looks real nice in his coffin
I'd rather go to 7-11
Right here in New Jersey
The Corporate Disneyland
Many opportunities
For an educated man
Go to school, get married
Move right down the block
Lead this sheltered shut in life
And suck the bosses cock

Big man knows a lot
Sitting at his desk
But no one asked a question
So give your mouth a rest
Company owns your house
Company owns your town
Company owns your mind and soul
Company owns your mind and soul