Abysmal Torment

Gratification Through Castration

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A shrouded cult brought to life by its lechery
Fumbling hordes striving for self butchery
Perversity soars beyond human debauchery
The ultimate drug becomes inflicted misery
Senseless gluttons for punishment
Howling insanely at a dim lit sky
Collective autoerotic pain new imminent
Knives to sever gonads and leave them dry
Spineless freaks with minds so clouded
Seeking gratification through castration
Men and women alike eager, yarning, blinded
Their mouths are now instruments of insanity
Towering the abject horde something burns
Across a broad space of earth an altar stands
On which a huge brazier spews flickering flames
Waiting to be fed their unusual offerings
Suddenly the reprobates initiate the rite
A delirious narcotic induced mass orgy
Decency abrogative acts of sodomy
Whist pronouncing words of degeneration
Orgiastic wildness still far from culmination
Franticly curving in random penetration
Till the languid blades start slicing away
Testicles removed with rhythmic dicing shifts
Other with blunt force of clenching teeth
By men and women alike eager, yarning, blinded
Howling gratification through castration
Cleaving away breasts, digging for ovaries
Howling gratification through castration
Carving cunts, cutting cocks, stabbing cavities
Erect crimson smeared contorting silhouettes
While others rolling over blood of strangers
With hacked off appendices flaccid in their hands
Throwing the bloody chinks high above their heads
Watching as the flaming receptacle devours them

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