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Used to be sorry trying to pack a bag of ramen open
Now I gotcha bitch chokin' on this dick long strokin'
Everyday; bone smokin'
Champagne; glass toastin'
Suckin' on this sex pistol 'bout to blow her brains open

Used to fuck with rat bitches
Now I fuck with bad bitches
Fuckin' since middle school
And dog you never had bitches
Dog I came from rag to riches
Now I got your bitch permission
Squirtin' on her lips and when you home you gon' kiss her

Take a nigga head off
Like a hot mascot
Tell me why your breath be smellin'
Like a burnin' bag of fag cock
Blowin' on some apricot
Crib like Camelot
Thinking of the days when I was countin' up my sack of rock

Leave ya with a scar face
'Cause you niggas rap a lot
Nigga you a ?
Homie I'm a long grenade
Found them yellow diamonds have a nigga leakin' lemonade
Nigga you bitch man
'Bout to need first aid

Dog I'm on the grind
Like an old stripper
In a room full of virgin nerds and fat niggas
Now we pack swishers
Drink straight liquor
Make ya bitch go down low and lick your sister

Ghetto ass nigga got dressed on suburban
Rap niggas gettin jerked
Ain't no Jergens
Fuck so bad in they ass fit Excursions
Detroit niggas got it wrapped like turbans