Alanis Morissette

Heart Of The House

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you are the original template

you are the original exemplary

how seen were actually?

how revered were you (honestly) at the time?

why pleased with you low maintenance?

you loved us more than we could've loved you back

where was you ally your partner in feminine crime?

oh mother who's your buddy?

oh mother who's got your back?

the heart of the house

the heart of the house

all hail the goddess!

you were "good ol'"

you were "count on 'er 'til four am"

you saw me run from the house

in the snow melodramatically

oh mother who's your sister?

oh mother who's your friend?

the heart of the house

the heart of that house

all hail the goddess!

we left the men and we went for a walk in the gatineaus

and talked like women to women would

womyn to womyn would "where did you get that from?

must've been your father your dad"

I got it from you I got it from you

do you see yourself in my gipsy garage sale ways?

in my fits of laughter?

in my tinkerbell tendencies?

in my lack of color coordination?

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