Reo Speedwagon

Everything You Feel

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You are everything you feel, everything you know
Everyone you ever love, all that you let go
Everything you hide, all that you reveal
Everything you overcome, you are everything you feel

You tell me you're afraid of what's in front of you
The scars of your abuse, they cover you
And I wonder and I fear what will become of you
So trace your anger right to the source

Look into the eyes of the truth, and remember
You are everything you choose, everything you find
All that you can't live without, all you leave behind
Everything you seek, everything you lose

Everything you treasure, you are everything you choose
Slipping through the cracks ever since you were a child
Lost in the shuffle, just trying to survive
You can sink into denial but there's only so long you can hide

Before you're trapped in a habit, drowning in excess
You're up against a wall that even you can't climb
Or you can use your fears to guide you and your rage as fuel
You've gotta leave some rubber on the road to recover

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