Katherine Jenkins

How Do You Leave The One You Love?

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We've been down this road before
I can't take it anymore
I have nothing left inside myself to give
Still every time I see your face
I’m falling back into that place
Where everything feels to me like the first time
I want it to be possible
And I’m hoping for a miracle
There has to be another way
I don’t want to face the truth
How do you leave the one you love
How do you rise above it all
When do I find the strength to make it
Through tomorrow when you’re gone
And what do I tell myself tonight
How can I ever make it right
How do you leave

I’m so tired of being strong
I’m so afraid of being wrong
But I don’t want to live a lifetime with regrets
So I have to let you go
Walk away now even though
My heart is telling me it’s a mistake
But can I ever set you free
You’ve been the very heart of me
There has to be another way
I don’t wanna face the truth
How do you leave

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